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“After 20+ years owning and operating my own firm, I decided I was ready to sell and move on to the next chapter in my career—and life. The selling part was easy. Figuring out that next chapter - much harder. Although I had some ideas about what I might like, and what I might be good at, they were unfocused. And I didn’t have a clue as to how to go about it. Laura was the answer. To be clear, she didn’t have the answer. By following her program and working with her as my coach, she helped me discover the answers that were right for me. Once that became clear, she helped guide me through the process of marketing and job hunting to find that perfect next position—in the right role and with the right kind of company and culture for me. And I found it! Without Laura as coach (and cheerleader, too!), I’d still be wandering and wondering.”

~ William Abram, COO
Innovative senior leader who leverages technology
to transform businesses operations

“Laura is an extremely effective and inspiring career coach. She helped me overcome challenges in defining and communicating my personal brand and focusing my search. I now have great insight and tools to work with for each phase of the process, and feel extremely well prepared and confident in executing a search campaign. I can’t think of anyone I would recommend more highly for those rethinking their career direction, presently in transition or preparing for a search.”

~Robert Pravder, CFO | COO | VP
-Finance with global, corporate & entrepreneurial experience
delivering financial results

“I was referred to Laura by an HR industry colleague earlier this year because I needed some assistance to ensure I made the right career decisions. Laura offered a fantastic coaching program that truly fit my individual needs and provided me structure, accountability, unbelievable support and inspiration. Laura guided me through a crucial process of self-reflection and helped me, step-by-step, to develop my resume, pitch and other self-marketing tools and launch my marketing campaign. As a result of our coaching process, I developed the clarity and self-confidence I needed to move forward and have made a successful move into HR Consulting, Training and Career Coaching. Laura continues to be an incredible mentor and coach, and I consider her support and mentoring to be a huge contributor to my success”

~Nancy Varsos
HR Leader

“Laura absolutely delivers on her service promise, and I would recommend her without reservations to someone looking for excellent mid- and senior-level career guidance. She took my anecdotal stories about work and helped me to see and phrase them as job qualifications, working style, and insight into my strengths and needs for my next position. I had previously been in the same position for 13 years and then taken time off; I needed encouragement and insight, and Laura provided them in multiple highly professional, constructive, actionable, and evidence-based ways. I particularly appreciate her skills integrating emotional intelligence (what is important to me) and steely professional realism (what would be important to potential employers). As others have noted, she will encourage and support you in doing the hard work, and her guidance and insight were indispensable elements in my success at finding a wonderful new role that I enjoy and uses my skillset!”

~Celeste Young
VP | Senior Director | Program Manager | Program Director | Executive Producer

“After 15+ years as a commercial litigation attorney in major NYC law firms, I found myself at a crossroads in my career, ready to explore new options, open to legal and non-legal paths and at a loss as to where to start. At that time, a friend of mine who had been coached by Laura recommended I reach out to Laura for assistance. I did, and after working with Laura for several months, I can safely say that being coached by Laura was probably my smartest career move. Laura is incredibly knowledgeable, smart, patient and dedicated to my success. She guided me through her step-by-step career transition process which helped me focus my efforts, understand what types of professions would be most fulfilling for me, and become comfortable and confident marketing myself effectively. As a result of our work together, I made a successful career change and am now a consultant at a global executive search firm. I couldn't be happier with my decision and can't imagine achieving it without Laura's guidance, support and expertise.”

~Laila Abou-Rahme
Executive Search & Assessment Consultant
Russell Reynolds Associates

“Meeting Laura Powers was a defining moment in my professional career. It has been inspiring to work with Laura and see how she develops and tailors together with you her career coaching program according to your needs. She has a great personality, filled with warmth and genuine caring. Her insight, dedication and integrity are second to none. She is a terrific executive coach and speaker. Without a doubt, it was an invaluable investment for my career and for my life in a way too. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her. I look forward to working with her in the future..”

~ Anna Lee Yee
International Business, Logistics
and Supply Chain Professional

“I strongly recommend Laura Powers as a career coach. Laura takes the time to know you, help you identify all of your strengths and then works with you to construct a strong portfolio of customized tools to enhance your job search. Laura always has time for you, and you will complete your time with Laura feeling confident and positive about what you have to offer the job market.”

~ Matthew G. Sweeney
Financial Markets-Exotic Currency/FX Trader
- Institutional Relationship Builder

Laura Powers is a consummate professional and valued industry colleague whose insights and perspective I actively seek on career transition topics and initiatives. Laura has extensive experience coaching mid and senior level professionals during career moves and is widely respected in the field. If you are currently employed and eager to conduct an external search, or in transition and committed to making your search as effective and efficient as possible, I highly recommend you retain Laura as your trusted advisor and coach.”

~ Paul Stuhlman
Executive Job Search Coach, Right Management
and Co-founder, JobSearchDx LLC

“I first came to Laura looking to do a "ground up" review of my career and my professional choices, with the hope of making a complete career change. I was very picky and had interviewed 5 other career coaches before I decided to work with Laura. I found my work unfulfilling and unchallenging, but felt powerless to making meaningful change in my situation. In my work with Laura, I found clarity in my skills and interests but most importantly the confidence to follow through on my action plan--which lead me to some very serious life choices. I have to say Laura's method and personality were exactly what I needed and helped me get the job I had always wanted. She is knowledgeable, she is focused, and she is in the business of helping you find the right answers. She stuck with me every step of the way but was quick to point out misconceptions or unrealistic expectations when they arose. I could not recommend her program more and plan to continue to have Laura as a trusted advisor on career decisions.”
~ A.F.

“Laura Powers is a first-rate professional who is deeply knowledgeable and understands her business intimately. She brings a warm enthusiasm to her clients as well as strong skills as a gifted listener and a supportive motivator. Laura is able to clearly see connections in her clients’ skills and experiences and, through a healthy process of examination and definition, helps identify substantive, future opportunities. I highly recommend Laura for anyone seeking to develop new paths in their own lives.”
~ Barbara Horlbeck

“I have worked with Laura over the past several months using her expertise as a career coach to help me with my job search. Her methods in helping me to do so were methodical and purposeful. As a result, I came away with clarity and confidence about what my next career objectives will be, in order to implement a full-time and strategic marketing and job search campaign. Laura’s friendly and compassionate personality made it a joy to work with her. She is the ultimate professional and subject-matter expert and I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to gain clarity and purpose as they navigate through their career path.”
~ Nicole N. Campbell, PMP

“During the past 3 years I had been in career transition twice and felt it was time to try a fresh approach to finding my next position. I started working with Laura and immediately knew I made the right choice. Laura is very professional, personable and knowledgeable. She is an effective listener and provides insightful advice. She tailored a coaching program to specifically meet my needs and goals. The skills and self-assessment exercises were enlightening and helped me to understand my strengths and clearly define my career objectives. I am happy to report that I have landed a fabulous new position and that would not have happened without Laura’s help. I highly recommend Laura Powers!”
~ AnneMarie Campbell

“Being coached by Laura is an extraordinary enlightening experience. She began by creating an entirely safe environment for me to thoroughly understand and explore my career, my goals, my priorities and my innate talents. On a practical level her deep knowledge and experience guided me in the development of a succinct, accurate, dynamic and marketable resume. More importantly, though, Laura has deepened my own understanding of myself, of people management and even of corporate politics. Laura’s guidance has illuminated for me where my true skills and talents lie, and has been instrumental in paving the way toward new and better opportunities.”
~ Will Robinson

“When I decided to work with a career coach, I was looking for someone with a disciplined, hands-on approach, the expertise to craft a program that was right for my career goals, and a record of success helping mid-career professionals make successful career transitions. Laura exceeded my expectations in every way. It was a pleasure working with her, and I am looking forward to her continued guidance as I come upon the milestones in my search process.”
~ Cyndi Straggas

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Laura at a pivotal inflection point in my career. As I sought to both define and refine my next best career move, she systematically helped me to assess my strengths and opportunities. Together we designed a strategic marketing plan which in combination with her compassionate, supportive coaching style, enabled me to move forward with confidence. Most important, I’ve come to consider Laura a trusted advisor and I’d recommend her highly to anyone looking for that rare combination of competence and compassion.”
~ Les Martel, PhD

“Laura Powers was my career coach as I underwent the process of making a major career change. She has all the traits of a great coach in any discipline: being personally invested in the success of each client; possessing an extensive knowledge of what gets results; tailoring a strategy to the unique needs and strengths of each individual; and bringing intelligence, wisdom and singular talent every day. Her strategies and advice brought me better results than I ever would have anticipated, and far better than I could have achieved on my own. What could have been stressful and emotionally daunting became a very positive experience. That was of huge importance in finding career success and in my personal happiness and that of my family. Laura is just simply terrific at what she does.”
~ Paul Fischer

“Those committed to successful career change will find Laura Powers to be professional, rigorous and challenging. Using her wealth of skill and experience in individual coaching, small group training, and facilitating large meetings, Laura put me on the path to the best job I ever had. Nine years later, I couldn’t be happier. Laura Powers knows what works!”
~ Barry Reed

“After relocating to Manhattan and finding myself at a pivotal point in my career, Laura, a long time career coaching industry colleague of mine, invited me to join one of her firm’s Mastermind groups. I have been an active member of the group for over a year now and have found the experience to be both life-changing and career-altering. Laura, a gifted facilitator, guides us with skill and wisdom gained from nearly 20 years of career coaching experience. She listens intently, encourages feedback among group members, offers targeted feedback of her own, and encourages all of us to set achievable goals. As a result, we have all moved forward in our careers; and I, myself, have made a successful, satisfying career move into the not-for-profit arena. For anyone contemplating a career change for any reason, Laura is the person to call. She will guide you through a comprehensive career transition experience that will change your life, as it did mine."
~ Holly R. Cohen

“Laura Powers has been an excellent career coach. She systematically helped me focus on my abilities, skills and goals. She broke down portions of the networking process which were difficult for me into manageable pieces and kept me on track in pursuit of my objectives. She provided insight and motivation at the low points of the search and celebrated the successes. Laura Powers has been well worth the investment in my career search."
~ Deb Edwards

“After job searching on my own for a few months with no success I was overwhelmed and started to become unsure of my own professional skills. Laura Powers took me through step by step from the beginning. We went through exactly what I had already accomplished in my career, what skills I had, and how can I use these accomplishments and skills moving forward. This gave me a new burst of motivation and confidence. Being on the newer side of the work force, Laura and I discussed priceless interview and networking strategies and tips. Thanks to Laura I had a positive, confident outlook on my job search. She is a great listener, cares about your success, and her coaching was an invaluable investment.”
~ Laura Edwards

“Finding oneself “in transition” is not often a purely enjoyable experience, especially during what is now referred to as the Great Recession, but it was always a pleasure working with Laura, who was my outplacement counselor at Ayers. Thorough I’ve been through the outplacement process twice before with another firm, my experience with her was certainly the most rewarding client-counselor partnership I’ve had. Laura is kind and personable. She is a fantastic listener with laser focus; she paid real attention to what my concerns were, what my areas for improvement are, etc. She had the great ability to pull nuggets from between the lines of what I told her. She usually knew better than I did what I needed and gave me excellent feedback and advice, along with tons of morale-boosting. She was the perfect balance of discipline and loving-kindness. She was exactly what I needed. Laura enabled me to feel empowered, and she was a true partner and mentor in my job search process. It is my strong belief that her input directly contributed to my landing a new position in a highly competitive job market. I’m glad to still have her in my network, and could not recommend her more highly.”
~ Wendy Robin Stark, MBA

“It was a real pleasure getting to know and working with Laura during our time together at The Hartford’s Career Transition Center. We have remained close colleagues for many years. Laura has incredible expertise in the field of Career Counseling and Job Search which is complemented by her exceptional coaching skills. She has a wonderful way of connecting with her clients that gets results as she provides one-on-one counseling. In addition, her ability to deliver powerful content in group settings is extraordinary. Laura will help you discover, and effectively articulate, your strengths, your capabilities and your passion – all critical in finding that next great opportunity. If you are searching for someone to help you move in a positive direction, you will find none better.”
~ Bob Volle

“I am the owner of CM of New England, an executive coaching and career transition firm. Laura worked for me for several years. Integrity is the keystone to our business and Laura is the embodiment of it. She coached many to success and I was proud to have her on my team.”
~ Sarah McNaughton, President

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