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GET CLEAR© Program

To market yourself well, you first have to know yourself well. Without adequate clarity around ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want to do next’, your job search efforts (and results) will be compromised.

Your assessment-rich, GET CLEAR© coaching program will help you gain the in-depth information, self-knowledge and insight you need to make sound, informed decisions regarding your next career move.

You will be provided an integrated suite of assessment tools and exercises (Laura is an assessment specialist), which you and Laura will review together. Laura will help you examine patterns, connections and possibilities; ‘connect the dots;’ and zero in on potential new work and career objectives that align with your work/life preferences, priorities and goals.

During your GET CLEAR© coaching program, you will also learn how to conduct targeted job market (industry and company) research to help ensure that your newly defined work objectives are sound and realistic. Laura will help you adjust your work objective(s) as needed, keeping the goal of sound, realistic work objectives that align with your holistic work/life/financial goals in mind.

In support of these intended outcomes, your GET CLEAR© coaching program will include:

  • Six (6) 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Four (4) additional hours of Laura's time to:
    • Review your assignments in advance of your coaching sessions
    • Follow up with you by email after each of your coaching sessions
    • Provide you targeted job market research resources and assistance
    • Address any questions that you may have regarding your coaching program

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