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Your FULL SCOPE© coaching program will provide you:

  • All of the content covered in the Get Clear + Self-Marketing Tools© program (self-assessment, work objective clarification, resume, cover letter, pitch, LinkedIn profile, branding statement, exit statements, and marketing plan development) PLUS

  • Targeted training and coaching on the “nuts & bolts” of running a powerful career transition/job search campaign:

    • High-yield job search strategies (networking, social media)
    • Targeted industry/company research
    • Time/campaign management strategies
    • Interview techniques/prep (mock interviewing)
    • Negotiating and offer evaluation

Your Full Scope© coaching program will be comprised of:

  • Fourteen (14) 1-hour coaching sessions

  • Eleven (11) additional hours of Laura's time to:

    • Review your assignments in advance of your coaching sessions
    • Follow up with you by email after each of your coaching sessions
    • Edit and provide feedback on your above-mentioned self-marketing tools
    • Provide you targeted job market research resources and assistance
    • Address any questions that you may have regarding your coaching program

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